Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Please pass the 'jumping beans'

Last Saturday, THREE BLUE EYES practiced the fine art of passing another team (and being passed by a team).

Wooooo doggggies! That is one challenging maneuver to learn. The goal is for the dogs not to interact at all. We had more than few rough starts. (Mainly rookie driver errors -- I kept giving the command "on by" WAY too soon) Thank goodness Randy came along and shot video. I've been studying it a lot (and cringing at my shrill, overly loud and obnoxious commands, which you will NOT hear in the video below-ha!). I keep practicing different ways of giving commands while I'm in the car all alone, but nothing is sounding right yet. Any and all tips welcome!)

So, here's a little video of some of our better moments of late. There's one sequence of the pups jumping that's so silly, I had to run it in slow motion so I could label the jumpers.

The team we're "chasing" and the team we're passing is Chris Johnson's awesome 10-dog team. Chris is such a trooper to work with me.

Things are going to get REAL interesting once we get some snow and I switch to a sled. Seems the more I learn, the more I find I still need to learn.

Will I be ready for my first race in January?

Stay tuned . . .


  1. KKB--and others, did you notice how focused they all are....your dogs do not want to stop and be behind...the girls are the jumping beans.....love how focused Gins is....good job!

  2. Won't be long before snow booties! With yours/team discipline and determination, God willing, we'll be cheering at the finish. Saw advanced dog obedience class yesterday, happy jumping after exercises, one being figure eight around another dog and owner. Great focus, team!

  3. And, you won't stop learning. I was just remarking to Geri Menard this last month how the deeper you go in this sport, the deeper you learn. You never stop learning! And you really don't learn anything until you make those mistakes you hear about yourself - like losing your team, being dragged, etc. Just WAIT! The fun has ONLY BEGUN! :)

  4. P.S. I love my boy Gins! He's learning so much!!