Here's how it's shaking out

Runs so far this season:


(1) Team training Tuesday, Thursday, Saturdays. Leave Minneapolis at 5 am with Ginsberg for the 1-hour drive north to Cambridge on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Take the 4-wheeler out with Penya and a leader from Chris/Claire's team so she can learn the trails. Gradually add the other dogs in. Gradually integrate Ginsberg into the team. Build up miles as the dogs build strength. After enough snow fall, when the snow is packed down, switch to the sled. Build enough endurance and speed to run 22-mile Voyaguer's Sled Dog Race in January. Continue training to run the Apostle Islands Sled Dog race in February.

(2) Personal training. Cardiovascular training on Mondays, Wednesday, Sundays, rising between 5 am to 6 am: 40-50 minutes on eliptical, 10-15 minutes interval/hill training on treadmill. Strength-training on Wednesdays and Sundays using plan developed by personal trainer Alex Stocco. Yoga once a week for flexibility, relaxation, and focus at least once a week either by DVD or attending class.

(3) Nutrition. Follow plan developed by public health nutrition expert for maximum strength, endurance, absorption of vitamins and minerals, and hydration and to maintain an ideal body weight.

(4) Overall well-being. Daily meditation, 20-30 minutes a day. As much laughter as possible!

(5) Sleep/rest. Listen to body. In bed by 9:30 pm, lights out by 10:30 pm. Minimum of 6 hours sleep. Attempt to stretch that to 7 or 8 hours whenever possible.

This is going to take some serious discipline and better time management than I've ever demonstrated. I also need to remain flexible and not be too hard on myself if I can't follow things exactly as planned. There's not a lot time built in for the unexpected, and the unexpected always happens! I'll try to keep a log so I can see what is, in fact, realistic.

All tips and suggestions eagerly welcomed!